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About Our Dredging Equipment

Catfish™ Mini Dredgers build and operate a range of floating dredges designed to suit a range of dredging jobs such as desludging ponds, lagoons, sedimentation ponds, tailings dams and contained waterways.
The Catfish™ mini dredger is compact, robust and easily transportable. Catfish is ideal for cleaning tailings dams, sludge ponds and waste water ponds. The Catfish is readily transportable between job, being less than 2 tons and capable of being placed in a 20 foot container or on a std flat bed track. Transportability enables dam maintenance to be undertaken without decommissioning or dewatering the dam to remove material such as silt, sludge or tailings to return the dam to its original design specification and capacity.
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Built on Pump Pontoon Modular Floats Technology, Catfish™ is stable and offers cost effective and efficient dewatering and dredging options normally found in larger, much heavier and more expensive systems. The modular maintenance-free pontoon floats are constructed 8mm wall thickness high-density polyethylene and foam filled to ensure they are robust and virtually non-sinkable. Skid pads on the base of the pontoon enable it to be dragged over rough terrain. The design of the pontoons and their integration into the base structure provides stability and reliability.
The onboard electronic management system allows Catfish™ to be controlled from the shore. The electronics ensure maximum control of the dredger, cutting head and variable pump speeds. Catfish™ has selected Southcott hydraulics to deliver a tough and efficient power system. The pump system can be customized to meet the particular application. Catfish™ is a practical dredging option for small to medium dams, lagoons, storages or containments allowing for efficient and cost effective waste removal and maintenance programs.
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