The SiltCat 1600 is a lightweight dredger with 4” petrol engine powered sand/trash pump. It is also equipped with secondary petrol engine powered pump as priming pump. It is manually operated – the dredger does not have outboard motor or other maneuvering mechanism – by pushing or pulling the dredger unit.

The main features of the SiltCat 1600

– The dredger is transportable on a trailer towed by standard four wheel drive vehicle and can be deployed to position easily
– Anti-slip decking surface (fibreglass reinforced plastic material)
– Compact suction inlet – suitable for “surgical” dredging where precise dredging location is a priority rather than the amount of material removed
– The basic footprint of the equipment made it stable on water

The SiltCat 1600 is suited to dredge small and shallow area where personnel is allowed to work in water or a small tinny can be operated to push or pull the dredger unit. Dredging is performed by manually directing the suction hose and head to the area and depth to be dredged. A silt spear can be attached suction inlet for the purpose of digging into compacted sediment and breaking up the silt for removal.

Technical Specifications

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